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Data on eco-costs, carbon footprint, and other indicators: the Idematapp and Idemat databases

There are two different datasets for designers and engineers:
- the Idemat dataset, which can be regarded as a selection and extension of the Ecoinvent dataset
- the Idematapp dataset, based on a set of carefully selected LCIs from peer reviewed literature and scientific databases of universities

Both datasets have more or less the same LCI lines, so it is easy for students to check the differences. In the past, the Ecoinvent LCIs were regarded as "the truth", However, these data have a rather confusing unstability: data for e.g. some metals, fluctuated more than a factor 2 (!) over the last revisions 2.2 to 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. Although the Ecoinvent version 2 data were well documented, the picture of the version 3 data becomes increasingly blurred. It is less clear where the aforementioned fluctuations originate from. This is one of the reasons that the Idematapp dataset might be preferred: it is much more stable and transparent (backed by scientific papers and databases from other universities), and in crucial areas like (sea)transport it is more up-to-date. Simapro users can download an Import file of Idematapp free of charge.

The Idematapp file, with data on eco-costs as well as carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe, is open access on the internet.
It is the basis for the Idemat App for Materials Selection on IOS and Android, as well as the IdematLightLCA App:
Idematapp2020.xlsx (with eco-costs 2017 Version1.6, carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe2016, 1.5 MB) public version, for academic year 2019-2020
Idematapp2019.xlsx (with eco-costs 2017, carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe2016, 1.5 MB) public version
Idematapp2018.xlsx (with eco-costs 2017, carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe2016, 1.5 MB) packaging data added, public version
Idematapp2017.xlsx (with eco-costs 2017, carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe2016, 1.5 MB) public version
Idematapp2016.xlsx (with eco-costs 2012, carbon footprint, CED and ReCiPe, 1.5 MB), public version

Because of ecoinvent licence restrictions, the Idemat files 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020 (with ecoinvent v3 data) are only available for students of the University with a net id, either via https://software.tudelft.nl/413/ .
or click on the link below:
Idemat2020+EI V3-5.xlsx excel file (6.1 MB)
and the older versions:
Idemat2018+EI V3-4.xlsx excel file (6.1 MB)
Idemat2017+EI V3-3.xlsx excel file (6.1 MB)
Idemat2016+EI V3-2.xlsx excel file (6.1 MB)
Idemat2015+EI V3-1.xlsx excel file (5.3 MB)
Idemat2014+EI V3-0.xlsx excel file (5.8 MB)
Idemat2012+EI V2-2.xlsx excel file (5,3 MB)
Idemat2008+EI V2-0.xls excel file (7,6 MB)

Idemat 2008 file contains eco-costs 2007, Ecoindicator '99, Ecological Scarcity 2006 and BEES 2008.

For calculations on "foreground processes" the eco-costs 2017 V0.0 data on emissions (over 3000 substances) and resource depletion can be found in the table below (open access at the internet).
For students who started thewe work before june 2017, the old file for the ecocosts 2012 is still available.

ecocosts 2017 V1-6 midpoint tables.xlsx excel file (0.8 MB)
ecocosts 2017 V1-5 midpoint tables.xlsx excel file (0.8 MB)
ecocosts 2017 V1-3 midpoint tables.xlsx excel file (0.8 MB)
ecocosts 2012 V3-3 midpoint tables.xlsx excel file (0,8 MB)

For calculations on social-eco-costs the eco-costs 2012 V3.3 data (which are applied in Simapro) can be found in:

s-eco-costs 2012 V3.3 data in Simapro excel file (0,8 MB) (for s-eco-costs of other countries see OSH data)


Data on the ecocosts of conversion of land are based on a relative biodiversity factor. Detailed data for vascular plants are given in maps: Nederlands-1 the World .
Sources for number of species are NDFF verspreidingsatlas (Dutch), and Barthlott, University of Hamburg & University of Bonn.
Note that, on a global scale, data for biodiversity (number of species) of Mammals as well as Birds are similar, see map mammals, general and map birds, general.
Background of the eco-costs calculations of wood.

For your convenience, The IDEMAT Materials Selection App has beeen developed for design and engineering (IOS and Android operating system), providing info on more than 700 Idemat materials and processes "at your fingertip":

- it simplifies the finding of cradle-to-gate as well as end-of-life data on materials and processes
- it simplifies the finding of sustainable alternatives of a given material
- it provides insight of the advantage (recycling credits) in open recycling and closed loop recycling (in circular economy business models)
- it provides genberal design and engineering data on materials (density, strenght, et cetera)

. . .

For a short description see www.Idematapp.com.

This app can be downloaded (for free) from the Apple Store and teh Google Play store. Cick here for the short instruction video 1.

There is also the IdematLightLCA app for LCA calculations on your smartphone (Android or IOS). For background information see more information at this site.
Click here for the short instruction video 2.